About CMT Biomass Series

Why you must attend this ‘Global Biomass Buyer-Supplier Meet’

Since 2008, CMT’s Biomass series evolved from and into inter-regional biomass trade and supply, biomass power projects, developments in biofuels, biomass use regulations and more. The series traveled across Europe, America and Asia – from Rotterdam to Brussels to Atlanta to Seoul to Jakarta and last year to Tokyo.

Pegged as the ‘Global Biomass Buyer-Supplier Meet’ it has connected over thousands of wood pellet, wood chip and agricultural biomass (e.g. Palm Oil, etc) producers & traders, power utilities, and technology providers.

How Can You Get Connected ?

BE AN EXHIBITOR – Showcase Your Brands/Products

BE A SPONSER – Hosting Raise your corporate profile

BE A SPEAKER – Lead & Steer Discussions

BE A DELEGATE – Networking with industry best

Find Out More

For more information and to find out how you can actively participate, please contact me on +65 6346 9113 or email me at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg